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No deposit casino bonuses

THE FREEBIE (NO DEPOSIT) BONUS is the best kind of bonus there is! This type of bonus is also the easiest to understand. A freebie bonus is FREE, meaning that the casino requires absolutely no deposit to receive the bonus. They will simply place some free chips into your new casino account after you open it! No-deposit bonuses usually range from $5.00 to $30.00. Frequently the free chips take a while to enter your account, and sometimes you have to email to request them. Some are added very quickly, but you can understand why they sometimes take their time – they want you to get anxious and deposit your own money and start playing while you're waiting for the bonus!

Some casinos have strange stipulations such as not allowing you to withdrawal the free chips (so called “sticky bonuses”), while others may require a small deposit before you can redeem the free chips for cash. Do not worry, though, if such a stipulation exists in the casinos' rules they will be presented to you within the bonus information on this site! Keep an eye out for these free offers! If you come across one that is not listed here please contact the webmaster ( so that it can be added promptly for all to enjoy.

Match (Sign UP) casino bonuses

THE FIXED-RATE (MATCH) BONUS is when the casino will give you a certain amount in free chips for a certain amount of opening deposit. The current amounts are as little as a $10.00 bonus for a $10.00 deposit, and as high as a $200.00 bonus for a $100.00 deposit! Match bonus is typically for your first purchase at a casino, though very often some casinos will send their members a promotional e-mail offering this type of promotion for special occasions.

The stipulations for this kind of bonus very greatly, and are detailed for each and every casino entry with this type of promotion. The match bonus might be instant (added immediately after you make your deposit), you may have to request it before or after you make the deposit, or you might even have to request it after you have wagered your deposit one or more times. Usually casinos require you to wager the bonus through several times. Again, this information will be detailed for you in the casino information (Terms and Conditions) page.

Monthly casino bonuses

THE MONTHLY BONUS is usually FIXED-RATE BONUS, which casino provides on regular (monthly) basis. Monthly bonus is usually 100% MATCH BONUS or a little bit lower. That’s my favorite type of bonus and it is very good for bonus-hunters ;)! Casinos that provide this kind of bonus usually add money for your first deposit in the month automatically. Monthly bonuses really help to prolong fun of the play in your favorite casino.

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